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Produced: 1947-1958, 7000 produced.
Taxi Fx3d 2 (1956)
The Austin FX3 was a taxicab designed for city use in the United Kingdom, often called a London black cab, but also used in other major cities across the country.

The FX3 was offered with a 2.2litre ohv petrol engine and an all-steel body from Carbodies. It was available during the years of 1948-1958. The first prototype of an FX3, registration number JXN 841 went on tests alongside the FX2 registration number, JXN 842. Later, aftermarket diesel engine conversions by Perkins and Standard prompted the Austin Motor Company to develop their own diesel engine which appeared in 1956. and slowly became the standard in the FX3. In 1957-1958 a series of automatic transmission test vehicles were manufactured, of which only two are known to survive.

Unlike more recent black cabs, it had no nearside door (passenger side), leaving an open space with a raised floor platform used for carrying a large trunk or other luggage. This area was over the locked stage area for tools to be kept on board. The FX3 was a popular model with more than 7,000 taxis being built, mostly for use in London, while a few hundred went into use in other parts of the United Kingdom. When it was introduced in 1948 it soon dominated the market, thus becoming the typical icon of the London black cab.

The FX3 was replaced by the Austin FX4 introduced in 1958, though the older taxis continued in use for many years. In turn, the FX4 ceased production in 1997 and was replaced by the TX series.

The Austin FX3s are still sought after by collectors and vintage "London Transport" enthusiasts. Several Austin FX3s have been shipped to the United States of America by collectors, hobbyists and for use as advertisement icons.

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2178cc4 0mm x 0mm0
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