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Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III


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Article Chasing the Ace
Publication Classic Cars July 2010
Chasing the Ace - A lusty six-cylinder engine, competition heritage and entertaining rear-drive chassis wrapped in a slinky roadster body: can the Austin-Healey 300 match the AC Ace-Bristol experience for a third of the price>
Article 21 Hottest ragtops
Publication Classic Cars May 2007
21 Hottest ragtops - Summer's nearly here and you need a convertible to make the most of it.  Whether your top priority is style, speed or space for you and the kids, look no further.  We've got the best topless options for you in the next 21 pages.  Ferrari mondial, Austin-Healey 3000, Triumph TR6, MGF, Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider, Jaguar XK8, Ford Zephyr, TVR Griffith, Lancia Aurella B24 Spider/America, BMW Z1, Ponitac Bonneville, Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5. MGB, Mazda MX5, Ford Mustang, Morgan Plus 8, Honda S2000, Jaguar E-Type V12, Alfa Romeo Spider, Lotus 340R.
Article Austin-Healey in the Cotswolds
Publication Practical Classics August 2006
Austin-Healey in the Cotswolds - Practical Classics borrows a 3000 Mk III and travels back to the mid-Sixties in search of quiet country lanes, village cricket and cream teas for two shillings.
Article Big Healeys, Austin-Healey 100 to 3000
Publication Practical Classics February 2004
Big four or bigger six?  We compare the first and last of these sporting icons. Austin-Healey 100 to 3000.
Article Buyers Guide - Austin Healey 100 and 3000
Publication Practical Classics August 2000
Buyers Guide - Austin Healey 100 and 3000.  Mark Dixon sifts fact and fiction about BMC's muscle car.
Article Classic Drive - Big Hearted - Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII
Publication Classic Car Mart March 2012
Classic Drive - Big Hearted - Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII - It was born from a very simple recipe but the Big Healey is up there with the best British sports cars.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - Austin Healey 3000
Publication Classic Car Weekly 14 September 2011
Buyer's Guide Express - Austin Healey 3000 - Beautiful, potent and arguably the quintessential British sportscar, the Austin-Healey 3000 makes a cracking classic buy, says MIKE LE CAPLAIN.
Article Show stopper - Healey 3000
Publication Classics Monthly September 2011
Show stopper - Healey 3000 - This Healey 3000 was once swapped for £1500 and an oak beam, but just look at it now.
Article Blind faith
Publication Classic Car Mart March 2011
Blind faith - Would you buy a car sight unseen over the internet? Dealer Paul Wankle did...and lived to tell the tale.  We met up with him in California to see if the gamble paid off.  Austin-Healey 3000
Article Buyers Guide - Austin-Healey 100-3000
Publication Classic & Sports Car September 2010
Buyers Guide - Austin-Healey 100-3000 - Timeless beauty and effortless grunt make the Big Healey a great classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
Article Brute force
Publication Classics Monthly Summer 2010
Brute force - The Austin-Healey 3000 is starting to fetch serious money.  Can it justify its price tag?
Article Buying Power - Austin-Healey 3000
Publication Classic Car Weekly 8 October 2009
Buying Power - Austin-Healey 3000- The Big Healey got bigger still when the Austin-Healey 100/6 metamorphosed into the 3000 range in 1959.  RICHARD GUNN delves into the daddies of British classic sportscar to tell you how to ensure you get a good one.
Article Lethal injection
Publication Classics Monthly December 2008
Lethal injection- There was a time when classic car fuel injection equalled unreliable - not any more.
Article Best of British
Publication Classics Monthly November 2008
Best of British- John Varley had restored various Big Healeys - and then he noticed an old Jaguar engine lying around...
Article Restoration - Faith Healey 3000
Publication Classics Monthly December 2007
Restoration - Faith Healey 3000 - This Austin-Healey 3000 restoration was a three-year labour of love and determination - starting with a badly bent chassis.
Article Buyers guide - Austin-healey
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2007
Buyers guide - Austin-healey  - Great to drive, but tricky to restore.  Don't part with your cash until you've read our buyers guide.
Article Buying power - Austin-Healey 3000
Publication Classic Car Weekly 7 September 2006
Buying power - Austin-Healey 3000 - As classic traditional British sportscars go, they don't come much more highly regarded than the Austin-Heley 3000.  RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the best of the Healey bruisers.
Article Shakespeare county
Publication Classics Monthly June 2006
Shakespeare county - Mark Robinson goes once more into the breachm with an immaculate 'Big Healey' as his trusty warhorse.  Some are born great.
Article Battle of the banned
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2005
Battle of the banned - Spurned by the office for endless bickering, C&C's sports car owners were dispatched to settle the argument once and for all.  AC Ace 2.6, Austin-healey 300, Jaguar E-Type 4.2, Lotus Elan S2,. MGB.
Article The Fast and the Forgotten - Healey v MGC
Publication Classics Monthly Spring 2005
The Fast and the Forgotten - Healey v MGC - The Austin-Healey was a tough act to follow, but Mark Robinson says the MGC was the car the big Healey had to become.
Article Classic Drive: Big Healey
Publication Classics December 2004
Wet Shave - Big Healey - Come rain or shine, Big Healeys were made to be driven.  Greg Whitaker barely came up for air when his chance came.
Article Affordable Sports Cars - Supplement
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2004
Affordable Sports Cars - Supplement - Austin-Healey 3000, Jaguar XK120, MGB, Daimler SP250, Triumph Spitfire MK IV, MG Midget 1500.
Article Classic & Sports Car November 2003 pg 160
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2003
Our Classics - Journalists offer views and updates on their cars
Article Classic & Sports Car April 2002 pg 180
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2002
Jubilee Line - As the Austin-Healey 100 turns 50, Alastair Clements compares debutant to last stop 3000 MKIII.
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