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Article Group Test - Timber!
Publication Practical Classics September 2003

Group Test - Timber! - The wood-framed shooting brake was once a part of every country estate, and major carmakers made their own mass-production versions for buyers with a rural bent.  Now they're nearly all gone.  Four survivors nail their charms into John Simister.

Article Buying guide - Bentley Mk VI (1946-52)
Publication Classic Cars September 2002
Buying guide - Bentley Mk VI (1946-52) - For presence, opulence and usability, a Mk VI - the sporting version of the Silver Wraith - is hard to beat. And because it's often overlooked, it costs less than its contemporaries.
Article Round-shouldered Rolls
Publication The Automobile June 2006
Round-shouldered Rolls - Bentley's-post-war model was the first to feature in-house bodywork and the first to share the majority of its components with it R-R stablemate.  Jonathan Wood examines the development of the mark VI.
Article Once in a lifetime
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2005
Once in a lifetime - Who defines style, these days? Who defined style sixty years ago? Emm discovers a 1948 Bentley Coupé that tweaked the style lines of WO's orignal design.
Article Buying guide - Bentley MkVI 1946-1952
Publication Octane October 2005
Buying guide - Bentley MkVI 1946-1952 - Introduced as an affordable Bentley, the MKVI is still one of the least expensive ways into classic Bentley ownership - but don't let that kid you into a really cheap one.
Article The best a Bentley?
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2005
The best a Bentley? - Once considered the runt of the litter, the Bentley MkVI is a bargain buy and a fine car, says Andrew Frankel.
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