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BMW 2002 Turbo


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Article Buying Guide - BMW 02-Series (1966-75)
Publication Practical Classics June 2007
Buying Guide - BMW 02-Series - This is the car that put BMW on the path to stardom.  It's fabulously engineered superb to drive and easy to upgrade for track days.
Article Buy a BMW 2002
Publication Classic Cars March 2007
Buy a BMW 2002 - BMW's iconic 2002 set the template for a dynasty of dynamic drivers' saloons and is the great-granddaddy of todays modern compact executives.  Here's how to buy a good one.
Article Buyer Ownership Guide - BMW '02 Range
Publication Practical Classics October 2004
Buyer Ownership Guide - BMW ’02 Range - With a compact style and big range of engines ’02s make wonderful drivers’ cars.
Article The ultimate driving machines
Publication Practical Classics September 2002
The Ultimate Driving machines - Highly competent in standard form, will modifications spoil the O2 BMWs or make them even better? David Lillywhite drives four to find out. . .
Article Original spin
Publication Practical Classics January 2002
Original spin - A turbo badge sill holds serious cachet, but where did it all start? David Lillywhite brings five iconic turbos together to explain the development of an engineering legend.
Article Classic Cars October 2001 pg 94
Publication Classic Cars October 2001
The first turbos. Fast, but fragile; only the brave used a turbo in its early days. Yet some proved the technology could work:
Article Buyers Guide - BMW 02 Models
Publication Practical Classics November 1998
Buyers Guide - BMW 02 Models - Malcolm McKay takes advice on buying BMW's compact and exceptionally practical range of sports saloons.
Article Buying Guide - BMW '02 Series 1966-1976
Publication Octane February 2012
Buying Guide - BMW '02 Series 1966-1976 (£6000-32,000) - One of the best sporting saloons you can buy for relatively modest money.
Article Buyers guide - BMW 1602/2002
Publication Classics Monthly December 2008
Buyers guide - BMW 1602/2002- How to buy yourself a great example of BMW's sports saloon.
Article Buying Power - BMW 2002
Publication Classic Car Weekly 24 April 2008
Buying Power - BMW 2002- The '02 range was the car which made BMW leader of the compact sports saloon pack.  PAUL WAGER from Total BMW magazine tells you how to buy one today.
Article Thinking Of Buying...a BMW 2002?
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2005
Thinking of buying...a BMW 2002? - This was the first BMW aimed at the emerging German middle classes, and indeed it appealed to many British drivers as well.  Ted Purcell guides us though the buyer's minefield.
Article Buying Power - BMW '02 Series
Publication Classic Car Weekly 28 April 2005
Buying Power - BMW  ’02 Series - BMW didn’t expect to much from its compact ’02 series, but the cars ended up as one of the firm’s greatest success stories.  However, as good as they are to drive, they’re also quite notorious for rust, which is why you’ll want to read RICHARD GUNN’s guide to getting a good’un.
Article Starter Classic - BMW '02 series
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2003
Starter Classic - BMW '02 series - Smart, compact and lively, an '02 is a good first classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
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