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Produced: 1972-1975, 1000 produced. (500 LHD amd 500 RHD)
Types: Coupe,2 doors,4 seats
BMW 3,0 CSL Coupe 1974

The lightweight CSL BMWs were built to homologate the big six-cylinder coupes into Group 2 European Touring Car racing. They proved spectacularly successful, and remained competitive long after the production cars had been replaced. Based on the pillarless Karmann-built steel shell that dated back to 1965, the first road-going 3.0 CSL - announced in May 1971 - was a real stripped-out road racer. It featured thinner body panels, no front bumper (fibreglass rear bumper) racing latches on the bonnet, manual winding side windows (made from Plexiglas) and alloy-skinned opening panels - all in the name of weight reduction.

Along with a drastically cheaper interior, 400lb was paired off the coupe. Whilst the top speed was not reatly affected by this diet, acceleration was decisively improved. The suspension was stiffened and the wheels were fat Alpina 17in. (43cm) alloys with chrome wheelarch extensions to keep them legal. Black accent stripes distinguished the CSL from the standard  CS/CSi.  169 wre built, all with left-hand drive.

Originally fitted with the 2985cc carburetted verion of the in-line six (giving 180bhp), a slight bore increase in August 1972 gave 3003cc, which allowed the CSL to slip into 3-litre Group 2 competition.  At the same time Bosch electronic fuel injection replaced the twin Zenith carburettors, and power rose to 200 bhp.

The bespoilered 3.2-litre CSL was announced in August 1973.  It had a bigger 3.2-litre 206bhp engine to homologate the 84mm stroke used on the 3.5-litre works racing coupe.  The famous 'Batmobile' spoiler (or racing kit) was packed away in the boot on cars sold in West Germany, where such appendages were never legal.  Manual steering and Bilstein gas-pressure shock absorbers meant that the 3.2-litre CSL didn't need an anti-roll bar.

Much confusion exists over the evolution Batmobile model, but most experts agree that only 39 of these were built all LHD. Most, if not all of the
RHD models came with the luxurious Town and Country pack including electric windows, real glass, and real metal front and rear bumpers. Original spec wheels for this car were Alpina style alloy wheels in 7"x14" size mounted with Michelin 195/70 x14 XWX tyres.

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3153ccS6 OHCBMW S6 OHC0mm x 0mm0
3003ccS6 OHCBMW S6 OHC0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
134 mph7.8 s0 s0 mpg200 bhp 55003,003cc engine



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