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Article Munich's political light weight
Publication Classic Cars August 2010
Munich's political light weight - The political backdrop that created te BMW 328 Berlin to Rome also prevented it from ever racing.  It could so easily have been a devastating political and racing weapon
Article Same difference
Publication Classic Cars August 2009
Same difference- Thirties sports car buyers had a choice of six-cylinder roadsters from SS and BMW their performance is similar, but they turn out to be very different machines.  SS Jaguar 100 vs BMW 328
Article Open verdict
Publication Octane October 2006
Open verdict - BMW is best known today for its executive saloons and coupes but it has been building roadsters for more than 70 years.  Octane spent three days sampling its heritage in North Italy.
Article Munich's Masterpiece
Publication The Automobile November 2004
Munich’s Masterpiece - Jonathan Wood reviews the BMW 328, one of the most significant sports cars of all time.
Article BMW 328 - Mille Miglia
Publication Octane January 2004
The svelte touring-bodied BMW 328 roadster from the 1940 Mille Miglia.
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