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Article Data File - BMW Isetta (1955-1964)
Publication Practical Classics December 2007
Data File - BMW Isetta- Forget practicality and performance.  This classic is all about fun.
Article Reader's Restored Car - BMW Isetta
Publication Practical Classics February 2006
Paul Dixon was ten when he worked on his first micro car. He is now 42 and owns the BMW Isetta of his dreams. It took three years' hard slog and an extremely forgiving wife.
Article Group Test - Street Charmers - BMW Isetta 300, Fiat 500D, VW Polo Series 1, Volvo 121, Mercedes-Benz 300TD, Land Rover Series 2A
Publication Practical Classics November 2005
Street Charmers - Six lovable classics to tackle the modern metropolis, from microcar to four-wheel drive.  Andrew Roberts reveals which win the hearts of townies and traffic wardens.
Article Cry Three dom!
Publication Practical Classics June 2002
 For many people, three-wheelers once offered the only affordable way to get independently mobile.  But can you still stand proud when you're lacking something in the wheel department? Simon Goldsworthy investigates.
Article Twin Test - BMW Isetta-Messerschmitt KR200
Publication Classic Car Mart April 2008
Twin Test - BMW Isetta-Messerschmitt KR200- Small enough to park in the garden shed and devoid of all non-essential items.  Simon Goldsworth investigates the enduring appeal of the microcar.
Article Bubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble - BMW Isetta
Publication Classics Monthly May 2006
Bubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble - BMW Isetta - When Dave Watson decided he wanted a concours winner, he had to restore his BMW Isetta a second time.  Paul Bussey tells the story.
Article Classic Drive - The Educated Bubblecar
Publication Classics Monthly July 2005
Classic Drive - The Educated Bubblecar - People smiling and waving isnít the reaction Mark Robinson usually expects driving a BMW, but then the Isetta isnít your typical Beemer. BMW ISetta
Article Starter Classic - BMW Isetta
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2005
Starter Classic - BMW Isetta - The most popular of all the bubblecars makes a compact, fashionable and fun first classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
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