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Produced: 1975-1982 (production n/a)
Types: Saloon,2 doors,4 seats
Convertible,2 doors,4 seats
Bristol 412

Bristol attempted to reach a new target group with the 412, which had a "Targa" body - a convertible with fixed roll-over bar.  Buyers of the Bristol 412 could choose V-8 motors of 4,898cc or 6,556 cc.

Bristol still build superlative sporting cars with classic lines and huge American engines.

Source: The complete encyclopedia of Saloon Cars - Rob de la Rive Box


5900ccV8 OHVChrysler V8 OHV102mm x 91mm0
6556ccV8 OHVChrysler V8 OHV0mm x 0mm0

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