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Bugatti Type 50

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Article Thunder Road
Publication Classic Cars December 2002
Thunder Road - The Bugatti Type 50 and Bentley 4 1/2 litre Supercharged rode the crest of Thirties high-performance motoring, hurtling their drivers to speeds of more than 110mph. 1930 'Blower' Bugatti, 1931 Bugatti Type 50
Article Classic Cars April 2002 pg 58
Publication Classic Cars April 2002
Bugatti Royale. A car so special that it's expected to sell for around 8 million. Now you can see why we flew all the way to Japan just to drive it.
Article Better than Type 57?
Publication Octane April 2010
Better than Type 57? - This striking Bugatti Type 50 may look every inch the grand tourer but its 4.9-litre supercharged engine ensures performance way beyond expectation - beyond even that of the iconic Type 57..
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