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Article The pass master
Publication Classic Cars April 2010
The pass master - The Caterham Seven is raw driving fun distilled to perfection: the Swiss Alps offer roads that will make it shine.  That's the theory - let's put it to the test.
Article Future Classic - Caterham Seven Superlight R300
Publication Classic Cars August 2003
Future Classic - Caterham Seven Superlight R300 - The R300 proves that less is much more in Caterham's Superlight range.
Article The Magnificent Caterham
Publication Practical Classics July 1998
The Magnificent Caterham - There's no better example of the lightweight car then the Caterham Seven.  But choosing the right one is a heavy matter, reckons Danny O'Driscoll
Article Buying Power - Caterham Seven
Publication Classic Car Weekly 17 February 2010
Buying Power - Caterham Seven - DAN BINDON explores the legal continuation of a classic Lotus original.  When it comes to stark, simple fun, these lightweight machines are pretty hard to beat.  Read our guide before you buy.
Article Buying Power - Lotus Caterham Seven
Publication Classic Car Weekly 4 January 2007
Buying Power - Lotus Caterham Seven - It's still the ultimate in minimalist sportscars...just as it has been for the last half century.  RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the Lotus Seven, and its subsequent Caterham incarnation.
Article Long haul plain trip - Lancia and Caterham
Publication Classics Monthly September 2006
Long haul plain trip - Lancia and Caterham - The Salisbury Plain provides the perfect place to escape for an American and his British friends.
Article Caterham Seven R300
Publication Octane May 2005
Caterham Seven R300 - On a purely need-for-speed basis, we borrowed a Caterham Superlight R300 for a fortnight, and so began a love-hate affair with the litlle rocket.
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