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Caterham Super Seven S3

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Article The pass master
Publication Classic Cars April 2010
The pass master - The Caterham Seven is raw driving fun distilled to perfection: the Swiss Alps offer roads that will make it shine.  That's the theory - let's put it to the test.
Article Buyers Guide - Lotus and Caterham Seven - Building in a grin Factor
Publication Practical Classics May 2004
Buyers Guide - Lotus and Caterham Seven - Building in a grin Factor - Driving isn't always fun these days, but there is a way you can pack maximim smiles into every journey.
Article Classic Cars February 2001 pg 63
Publication Classic Cars February 2001

Tracking Devices - Classic Car drivers all over the country are indulging in track days, where they have the opportunity to really drive their cars.  We test ten of the best track-day classics. 1973 MG Midget, BMW M3, 1962 TVR Grantura, Caterham Seven 1700 Supersprint, 1956 Lancia Aurella B20GT, 1968 Mini Cooper,  1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0, Ferrari 308 GTS QV, Lotus Cortina, 1972 Lotus Europa Twin Cam.

Article Buying Power - Caterham Seven
Publication Classic Car Weekly 17 February 2010
Buying Power - Caterham Seven - DAN BINDON explores the legal continuation of a classic Lotus original.  When it comes to stark, simple fun, these lightweight machines are pretty hard to beat.  Read our guide before you buy.
Article First drives - Audi TT RS
Publication Car Magazine August 2009
First drives - Featuring: Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400, Volkswagen Polo, Alpina B7, Caterham 7s, Mercedes S350 CDI, Maserati Granturismo S, Ford Flex
Article The magnificent seven
Publication Octane February 2009
The magnificent seven- Built merely as a stop-gap, Colin Chapman's lithe little road-racer has stayed at the top of its game for over 50 years.  We return to the car's spiritual home to compare old and new.
Article Buying Power - Lotus Caterham Seven
Publication Classic Car Weekly 4 January 2007
Buying Power - Lotus Caterham Seven - It's still the ultimate in minimalist sportscars...just as it has been for the last half century.  RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the Lotus Seven, and its subsequent Caterham incarnation.
Article Buying Power - Lotus/Caterham Seven - Kent-engined
Publication Classic Car Weekly 10th December 2003
Buying Power - Lotus/Caterham Seven - Kent-engined - For a pure sportscar experience, nothing come close to a Lotus or Caterham Seven.  Based on the original Lotus Seven Series lll, Caterham Sevens have now been produced for 30 years.  WIth Meccano-like construction and pocket money spares, a Caterham is every man's dream toy, says Michael Hayes.
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