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Produced: 1930-1930, 22606 produced.
Types: Tourer,4 doors,5 seats(Convertible fabric top)
Sedan,4 doors,5 seats
Roadster,2 doors,2 seats
Coupe,2 doors,2 seats
Chrysler 66

Bore/Stroke on the 6 cyl engine was 3 1/8 by 4 ¾ (inches) (Early builds 3 1/8 by 4 1/4) of 195.6 cid same as the earlier model 65 of 1929). The later 66 had a bore of 4 3/4'x 3 1/8"with a cid of 218.6 this was the same as the early 1930 model 70.

Top speed was 66 mph

Engine Power was 68BHP @ 3000RPM (Early builds 62BHP @ 3200RPM)

Opional Red Head was 75bhp at 3200rpm

Taxable Power was 23.4

Source: Motorbase


3198ccH6 SV0mm x 0mm0

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