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Chrysler USA Crown imperial


Produced: 1946-1948
Chrysler Crown Imperial Sedan (1948)

Towards the end of 1945 thoughts could return to building cars, but the cars were identical, except for a new grille, to those of 1942.  The "Town & Country" range that was introduced in 1946 were noteworthy for incorporating wood trim on coupes and convertibles.  Wood trim itself was nothing new for Chrysler or the other makes but before the war it had been restricted to estate cars (known as station wagons in the US).  The cars remained unaltered until the summer holiday of 1948.

The number of cars built in 1946 is unknown but cannot have been many since only 750 were sold up to 1948.  These cars were equipped with 5,229 cc straight-eight cylinder engines on a long chassis with a 145 in (3,700mm) wheelbase.

Source: The complete encyclopedia of Saloon Cars - Rob de la Rive Box

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