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Chrysler USA Windsor


Produced: 1955-1955, 98874 produced.
Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Sedan  Fvl Carnut Mmod  (1955)

The Windsor was the cheapest Chrysler.  A small V-8 known as the "Spitfire", replaced the six-cylinder Chrysler engine in 1955.  A 4,925 cc version was installed in the Windsor that produced 191 bhp.  The output of the "small" engine was increased to 289 bhp by increasing the bore to 5,801 cc in 1957.

The models had their bodies changed and the engines enlarged every couple of years.  A highlight of 1955 was the Chrysler 300, designed by Virgil Exner.  It was based on the Windsor Deluxe chassis with a V-8 engine. 


Source: The complete encyclopedia of Saloon Cars - Rob de la Rive Box
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