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Produced: 1969-1979, 800775 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats
Station Wagon,5 doors,4 seats
Citroen Ami 8 (1969)

The difference between the Ami 6 and 8 was the body which in the 8 had a more conventional rear window.  The Ami 8 also had a more powerful 32 bhp boxer engine.  The small car of 3,980 mm (156 in) was spacious for its size.

Source: The complete encyclopedia of Saloon Cars - Rob de la Rive Box

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The silver two-door car shown is one of the ultra-rare M35 cars - based on the Ami shell and floor pan, it was modified to two door and, more imprtant, fitted with a rotary engine! Most of the cars were recalled by Citroen from the selected customers who were allowed them and were scrapped.  A very few survive.

Source: Motorbase


602ccH2 OHV
1015ccH4 OHC

Drivetrain and Suspension

DrivetrainSteeringFront SuspensionRear Suspension


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
76 mph31.7 s24.5 s37 mpg32 bhp 5750

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