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Citroen C5 Hatchback

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Article Drives - Citroen C5 - Estating the obvious
Publication Top Gear October 2008
Drives - Citroen C5 - Estating the obvious- Citroen has joined the herd in creating an Estate that sacrifices space for looks.  But, says Piers Ward, this isn't the way to trouble the Germans.
Article Drives - Playing the fuel - Citroen C5
Publication Top Gear July 2008
Drives - Playing the fuel - Citroen C5- The gap between the price of petrol, and diesel continues to grow wider but that isn't enough to tempt Sam Philip into choosing this C5.
Article First drives - Suspension of disbelief
Publication Car April 2008
First drives - Suspension of disbelief- It's cooler, less quirky - but the Citroen C5 is still characterful.  Exactly as it should be, says Georg Kacher.
Article Drives - La France uber alles - Citroen C5
Publication Top Gear April 2008
Drives - La France uber alles - Citroen C5- The Citroen C5 has a bit an identity problem, says Tom Ford - it's more German but its also anthing but German still it might be the one that cracks the UK market.
Article Citroen C5
Publication Car February 2008
Citroen C5 - Individual Stylish not eccentric: This could be Citroens best saloon yet.
Article Newcomers - Wakey Wakey - Citroen C5 VTR 2.0
Publication Car November 2004
 Citroen C5 VTR 2.0 - Newcomers - Wakey Wakey -Revised C5 has an alarm to stop the driver nodding off.
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