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Article Buying Guide - Citroen DS 1955-1975
Publication Practical Classics August 2013
Buying Guide - Citroen DS 1955-1975 - Don't let complexity put you off; a good DS is a practical car.
Article Project Guide - Citroen DS and ID 1955-1975
Publication Practical Classics July 2011
Project Guide - Citroen DS and ID 1955-1975 - The pros and cons of acquiring a project goddess.
Article Suspension of Disbelief
Publication Classic Cars March 2011
Suspension of Disbelief - Hydropneumatic suspension and science fiction styling make the Citroen DS an icon if individualist design.  With prices rising it's time to take a step into the future.
Article French flights of fancy
Publication Practical Classics April 2010
French flights of fancy - Glamorous, affordable and with their engines in the most interesting of places - Ross Alkureishi samples four remarkable Gallic classics with distinctly unique characters.  Citroen DS, Renatul Caravelle, Panhard 24CT, Matra-Simca Bagheera's.
Article Group Test - Battle of the big guns - Citroen DS, Citroen DS, Mercedes 190D, Mercedes 190D
Publication Practical Classics January 2006

Battle of the big guns - It's 1955 and Teddy Boys rule.  But Britain faces another threat - the Citroen DS.  Can the Jaguar MKI 2.4, Mercedes 190D or Lancia Aurelia fight it off?

Article 20 great classics do battle
Publication Classic Cars November 2005
20 great classics do battle - There's never been a showdown like this before.  20 of the most popular classics of all time go head to head at the Classic Cars test track.  How does your favourite fare?
Article The day the Alliens landed
Publication Classic Cars June 2005
The day the Aliens landed - Itís 50 years since the Citroen DS astonished the world at the Paris Salon with its revolutionary hydraulics and futuristic styling.  These are the secrets of the machine that invaded earth with modern technology.
Article CitroŽn Suspension Spheres
Publication Practical Classics August 2004
CitroŽn Suspension Spheres - If you see a CitroŽn bouncing alond, chances are the suspension spheres have collapsed.  CitroŽn specialist Centreville shows Rob Hawkins how to replace them on the DS, CX and GS.
Article Buyers Guide - Citroen DS
Publication Practical Classics July 2001
Buyers Guide  - Citroen DS - It looks like something from outer space but don’t let the Goddess's alien technolgy put you off, says Theodore J Gillam.
Article Buyer's Guide - Citroen DS
Publication Classic Car Weekly 21/28 December 2011
Buyer's Guide - Citroen DS - Citroen DS was a timeless creation that is still the stuff of legend more than 55 years after its debut.  But does it make a realistic classic? JAMES TAYLOR provides some answers.
Article Ultimate Showdown #18 Citroen DS vs NSU Ro80
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2011
Ultimate Showdown #18 Citroen DS vs NSU Ro80 - Russ Smith is visited by a pair of alien saloons, but which would he prefer to abduct him?
Article Buying Guide - Citroen DS (1955-1975) √ā¬£3000-30,000
Publication Octane August 2010
Buying Guide - Citroen DS (1955-1975) £3000-30,000 - Few family saloons have captured the imagination like the DS, and that's reflected in growing interest today.
Article Buyer's guide - Citroen DS
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2009
Buyer's guide - Citroen DS- La Deesse - or goddess - stunned the public at its '55 Paris launch.  Don't let its daunting complexity put you off, says Malcolm McKay.
Article Chic by jowl
Publication Classic & Sports Car August 2008
Chic by jowl- These glamorous coachbuilt cabriolets have more in common than you might imagine, says Martin Buckley as he compares Citroen DS19 with Alvis TF21.
Article Buyer's guide - Vive La Difference!
Publication Classic Car Mart November 2007
Buyer's guide - Vive La Difference! - It was years ahead of its time, but has the DS's advanced engineering proved to be its downdall? Time to find out. Citroen DS: 1955-1975
Article Domestic Goddess
Publication Classics Monthly September 2007
Domestic Goddess - Citroen's DS is the epitome of a French classic.  Our lucky reader wanted to drive a rare Slough-built model.
Article Buying Power - Citroen DS/ID
Publication Classic Car Weekly 18 January 2007
Buying Power - Citroen DS/ID - The DS is one of the most beautiful and evocative classics of all time, fully deserving of its Goddess title.  However, it's also a fiendishly complex machine, which is why RICHARD GUNN's guide is a wise read before you decide to buy.
Article Timewarp Classic: No 22 - Citroen DS: 1955
Publication Classic Car Weekly 27 July 2006
Timewarp Classic: No 22 - Citroen DS: 1955 - So what exactly was so extraordinary about the Citroen DS in 1955? Oh, just about everything says hydraulic Citroen owner and fan RICHARD GUNN as he looks back at the car that helped define the French marquw's eccentricity.
Article Classic Driver - CitroŽn DS
Publication Octane October 2004
Classic Driver - CitroŽn DS - People either love the DS for being beautiful and different, or are scared of the unknown.  But under that futuristic skin lies a perfect everyday classic driver.
Article Road Test - CitroŽn DS
Publication Classic Car Weekly 4th February 2004
Road Test - CitroŽn DS - Built 1955 to 1975.† Four-door, five-seater, front engined, front-wheel-drive saloon.
Article Classics November 2002 pg 32
Publication Classics November 2002
Imposing Style. These three luxury classics all offer comfort and civility in a stylish package, but they each have a different approach. Tim Morgan compares them, and tries to pick a winner.
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