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De Tomaso Longchamp


Produced: 1972-1988, 412 produced.
Types: Convertible,2 doors,2 seats(2 + 2)
Coupe,2 doors,2 seats(2 + 2)
De Tomaso Longchamp (1980s)

There were only two saloon cars built under the De Tomaso name: the Deauville and Longchamps.  The four-door Deauville was designed by the American Tom Tjaarda, whose father had designed the Lincoln Zephyr for Ford among other notable projects.  The bodies of both the Deauville and Longchamps were built by Ghia, where Tjaarda was chief designer.  Both De Tomaso saloon cars were powered, as was customary, by American Ford power units, which in this case was a 5,796 cc V-8 that delivered 270 bhp at 5,600 rpm.  The Deauville was an expensive car with nothing spared in terms of equipment.  There was an automatic gearbox, air-conditioning, a wooden dashboard, and leather upholstery and trim.  The Longchamps was launched in 1972 at the Turin motor show.The Longchamps had the same mechanical parts as the Deauville and the customer could choose from a Cruise-O-Matic automatic box of five-speed manual gearbox.  Both cars were very fast with a top speed in the region of 144 mph (230 kph) but were readily controllable at such speeds. 

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5796ccV8 OHV102mm x 89mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
144 mph6.7 s0 s0 mpg0 bhp 0

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