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DKW Meisterklasse F89


Produced: 1950-1954, 59475 produced.
Types: Saloon
DKW Meisterklasse F89
The company set itself up in Dusseldorf and it was there that the first DKW saloon car was produced in 1950.  The model was known as the Meisterklasse F-89 and was according to the old formula of two-stroke engine and front-wheel drive.  The body was of steel and was available in two-door saloon or convertible versions.  The sound name established by DKW before the war was now of great importance.  Customers queued for the car, even though it was considerably more expensive at 5,830 Deutschmarks than a Volkswagen.  In 1950 the factory delivered 1,380 cars and managed ten times as many the following year.  The model was only radically modified in 1953, when it was given a larger rear window, new oval grille, and smaller wheels.  The three-cylinder two-stroke 900 cc engine produced 34 bhp which was adequate for a top speed of 75 mph (120 kph).  The range was fairly broad in 1954, with a choice of two-door saloon, two or four-seater coupes, or two door estate car, known as Universal.
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