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Edsel Corsair


Produced: 1958-1959, 17845 produced.
Types: Convertible
1959 Edsel Corsair Convertible

The Edsel was certainly not a poor car and if it had been launched two years earlier or even two years later, the out come might have been entirely different.  The cheap Ranger and Pacer was based on the chassis of the Ford Fairlane but a special new chassis with 124 in wheelbase was developed for the Corsair and Citation.  The cheaper and more expensive models were virtually indentical in appearance; the difference lay under the bonnet or hood.  The two cheaper cars had a 5,911 cc V-8 of 307 bhp except for export models, which had a 5,550 cc V-8 of 235 bhp.

The more expensive models were equipped with a 6,719 cc engine of 284 or 350 bhp.  The more expensive models disappeared in 1959, leaving only the Ranger and Corsair.  The Corsair had a slightly more powerful engine and was also available as a station wagon.  Known as the Villager, this car and the Ranger could be fitted with a 3,655 cc six-cylinder engine.

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