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Article 1969-85 Fiat 128
Publication Classic Cars February 2012
1969-85 Fiat 128 - Beneath its conventional looks the 128 made a vital contribution to motoring - yet despite huge sales few survive on our roads today.
Article Road test Cliao bella! - Fiat 128 3P
Publication Practical Classics June 2006
Road test Cliao bella! - Fiat 128 3P - The Fiat 1283P set a new benchmark for front-wheel drive hot hatches in the Seventies, but just how good is it by today's standards? Keith Moody finds out.
Article Our Cars
Publication Classic Cars September 2003
Our Cars - 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0-Litre-Phil Bell.  1985 Fiat 124 Spider-Ben Field.  1972 Fiat 130 Saloon-Martin Buckley.  1969 Triumph Vitesse, 1967 Jaguar 420-Malcolm McKay.
Article Classic Cars July 2001 pg 104
Publication Classic Cars July 2001
Fiat 131 Abarth Rallye. The story of the staid family saloon turned world championship-winning stormer. Despite great success in rallying, this is one of a handful of survivors in the country.
Article Berlinetta Bella Cosa - Fiat 128 3p Restoration
Publication Classics January 2005
Berlinetta Bella Cosa - Fiat 128 3p Restoration - Builder Kevin McGuire swapped his plumbline for a welder when he rebuilt this 128 3p as Greg Whitaker reports.
Article Classic & Sports Car November 2003 pg 160
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2003
Our Classics - Journalists offer views and updates on their cars
Article Classics January 2003 pg 86
Publication Classics January 2003
Maintenance guide: Fiat 124 Spider. Kim Henson gets grubby with a cute Italian for a step-by-step service guide.
Article Classic & Sports Car September 2001 pg 152
Publication Classic & Sports Car September 2001
Buyer's Guide - Fiat 124 Sport Coupe - Buyer's guide to the pretty four-seater.
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