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Fiat 500L 'Lusso' (deluxe)


Produced: 1968-1972
Types: Saloon,2 doors,2 seats(Short Folding Top)
1970 Fiat 500L Saloon
The FIAT 500L de-luxe model was introduced alongside the 500F - now referred to as the 'standard' model 500 in mid 1968.  There were no mechanical differences between the two cars, but substantial improvements were made to the finish of the 500L both externally and internally.  Immediate identification of the 500L can be made because of the addition of  tubular 'nerf' bars that adorned the bumpers front and rear.  A simple, single long one standing proud of the front bumper and two elaborately shaped ones that were attached over the rear bumper at each end.  Bright trim was added around the windows and along the gutter channels.  The once 'fussy' badge with surrounding grille and bright side flashes on the front was simplified to just a small FIAT badge. Radial ply tyres were fitted as standard and the hubcaps had been restyled.  Internally, the 500L instrument panel is completely different, with a modernised elongated speedometer directly behind a new lightweight two spoked steering wheel and a handily placed ashtray positioned centrally on top of the dashboard.  A small, but useful glove box was introduced directly infront of the passenger and further storage space was made available by the addition of pockets in the doors and a small open 'oddments' cubby hole positioned centrally under the dashboard.  The doors had new handles and there was a redesigned windscreen wiper switch. The individual front seats, which could now be reclined, sat on moquette carpets instead of the ribbed rubber floor covering of previous models.

Engine: rear mounted, 2 vertical in-line cylinders with overhead valves, air-cooled four stroke of 499.5 cc giving 18 bhp at 4,600 rpm.
Engine Lubrication: Pressure
Maximum Speed: 95 kph (59 mph)
Fuel Consumption: 5.5 litres per 100 km (51 mpg)
Gears: 4 speeds forward with 2nd, 3rd and 4th in constant mesh, plus reverse.
Final Drive Ratio: 5.125 to 1.
Brakes: Foot operated, self adjusting hydraulic drum brakes to all four wheels with hand operated mechanical brake to rear wheels.
Suspension: Front: Independent with transverse spring and wishbones. Rear: Independent with semi-trailing arms and large coil springs.
Telescopic shock absorbers to all wheels.
12 Volt electrical system.

Length: 2970mm (9'9")
Width: 1321mm (4'4")
Height: 1324mm (4'4.12")
Source: Reg J. Prosser
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