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Ford Consul/Granada MKI


Produced: 1972-1977, 846609 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,5 seats
Estate,4 doors,5 seats
Ford Mk I consul

By 1972 Ford had established its reputation in Europe for building large, comfortable saloons aimed at the growing executive market segment and so it launched a new range to replace the ageing Zephyr/Zodiac Mk IV. The new range discarded the previous Zephyr/Zodiac model names in favour of Consul (for the 4 cylinder and base models) and Granada (for the 6 cylinder cars).

The Consul came with a choice of either V4 (later cars used the straight four "Pinto" unit), or the "Essex" V6 engine, automatic transmission was also available. The Granada used the V6 engine in either 2.5 or 3.0 litre form and usually came with a better trim and equipment. Bodywork was obviously entirely new and buyers could choose between 4 door saloon, estate or even a special Ghia coupe version. Ford also put the German Cologne V-engines in the Granadas. Very common was
the 2.3 and 2.6 litres V-6, but I believe even the small 1.7 litre V-4 was available, in Germany anyway.

Production lasted until the arrival of the Granada Mk II in 1977, by then the Granada had established itself as a top selling model in the European large car sector.  Practical Classics August 2009 - Featuring Buyers Guide Ford Consul Capri & Classic available.  Click here to view in our shop.

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2994ccV6 OHVFord Essex93.66mm x 72.4mm0
2495ccV6 OHVFord Essex93.7mm x 72.4mm0
1993ccS4 OHCFord Pinto90.82mm x 76.95mm0
1996ccV4 OHVFord V4 (Taunus)93.7mm x 93.7mm0

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