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Ford Escort RS1600i

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Article Classic Cars July 1999 pg 112
Publication Classic Cars July 1999
Superguide. 3K Seventies Sports Saloons. Ford Escort RS2000 MkI, All boy racers grow up eventually, but it's still fun to forget your true age from time to time. Glen Waddington shows how you can mix hooliganism with respectability.
Article Sporty Fords
Publication Car Mechanics August 2011
Sporty Fords - From the '80s, ;90s, and '00s - To celebrate 100 years of Ford manufacture in the UK, we turn our attention to some of the special Fords that have already - or are about to - enter classic status.  Prices of some models have shot through the roof and we recommend grabbing one before they cease to exist.  ANDREW EVERETT is our blue oval guide.
Article Buying Power - Ford Escort XR3i/RS1600i/RS Turbo
Publication Classic Car Weekly 22 September 2005
Buying Power - Ford Escort XR3i/RS1600i/RS Turbo - RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the favourite fast Fords of the Eighties...the XR3 and RS models that are still popular drives today.
Article Classics September 2002 pg 26
Publication Classics September 2002
Your Classics. Tom Leonard's tough Ford Escort RS2000 has a hidden secret - underneath the bonnet lies a 2.8litre fuel injected V6 engine!
Article MotorSport August 2002 pg 54
Publication MotorSport August 2002
Ford Escort RS Vs Fiat 131 Abarth. Slide Rulers. In the years between Stratos and Quattro, rallying was all about a pair of humdrum three-box family saloons. Doesn't sound great, does it? They became, however, two of the sport's most successful and iconic cars. John Davenport recalls their tail-happy dogfight for world honours.
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