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Article Sporty Fords
Publication Car Mechanics August 2011
Sporty Fords - From the '80s, ;90s, and '00s - To celebrate 100 years of Ford manufacture in the UK, we turn our attention to some of the special Fords that have already - or are about to - enter classic status.  Prices of some models have shot through the roof and we recommend grabbing one before they cease to exist.  ANDREW EVERETT is our blue oval guide.
Article Drives - Ford Fiesta - Everyone back to Ford's
Publication Top Gear October 2008
Drives - Ford Fiesta - Everyone back to Ford's- This is just the kind of car the world needs right now, says Jason Barlow continuing Ford's suprising renaissance and relax - it's a car that men will enjoy driving too.
Article Classic Ford March 2003 pg 100
Publication Classic Ford March 2003
Buyers Guide. What to check out when searching for the Fiesta Supersport.
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