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Ford Granada MKII

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Article Make mine a big one
Publication Practical Classics August 2002
Make mine a big one - When a luxury saloon stops depreciating it soon becomes a great value classic buy.  Kevin Leaper samples 13 different ways to splash your cash.
Article Classic Cars January 2002 pg 94
Publication Classic Cars January 2002
Ford Granada vs Opel Commodore and Toyota Crown Coupes. If you wanted to make a style statement in Seventies suburbia, these coupes did it biggest and best.
Article Buyer's Guide - MkI Ford Granada
Publication Practical Classics May 1997
Buyer's Guide - MkI Ford Granada - Ford's Zephyr replacement was a runaway success at its launch.  A quarter century on, have they stood the test of time? Russ Smith investigates.
Article How to buy a Ford Granada Mk2
Publication Classics Monthly November 2009
How to buy a Ford Granada Mk2- Practical, reliable and stylish, the big Ford is a versatile choice.
Article Buying Power - Ford Granada MK 1/2
Publication Classic Car Weekly 17th December 2003
Buying Power - Ford Granada MK 1/2 - Whether it's the charismatic Granada Mk1 or the more competent but less distinctive Granada Mk2, the big daddies of the Ford family make great everyday saloons. Michael Hayes tells us how to choose a good one.
Article Classic Ford March 2003 pg 104
Publication Classic Ford March 2003
The Essential Modifying Guide. The MkII Granada, much better on the road than the banger track.
Article Classics June 2002 pg 44
Publication Classics June 2002
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Executive saloons of the '80s offer pace and generous equipment levels. But which to go for? Peter Knivett examines three very different propositions...
Article Classics December 2001 pg 90
Publication Classics December 2001
Ford Granada Mk2 V6. They're spacious and smooth, but are V6 Granadas do-it-yourself friendly? Kim Henson investigates.
Article Classic & Sports Car November 2001 pg 174
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2001
Buyer's Guide - Ford Consul/Granada Mk 1
Article Classics July 2001 pg 90
Publication Classics July 2001
Buyer's Guide. Ford Granada Mark I 100 to 2500. Cruise in Style! Ford's Mark I Granadas are big, beautiful and competent, while boasting loads of very useful space. Kim Henson takes a close look at the '70s saloons and advises what pitfalls there are to avoid when considering buying one.
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