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Ford (USA) Thunderbird


Produced: 1972-1976, 299146 produced.
Thunderbird Hardtopmaxngad273ca03a (1973)

Ford updated its Thunderbird range again in 1966 with a sixth generation model. The original 1950's "personal car" values had disappeared long ago and the new car had little in common with the original series which now consisted of two and four door saloons.

The new generation "T-Birds" were massive in both size and weight. They used large V8 engines which ranged from 6.4 to 7.0 litres the largest of which developed 360bhp. As with all American cars of this period the Thunderbird featured wallowy handling and a soft ride.  The wheelbase was now 120 in (306 cm) compared with 102 in (259 cm) in 1955, and the overall length was 219 in (556 cm) instead of 185 in (470 cm).

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