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Gatsby Coachworks Gatsby Cabriolet


Produced: 1977-0
Gatsby Coachworks Ltd Gatsby Cabriolet
A modified MG Midget body is placed on the frame of a 1977-1979 Ford Thunderbird or Mercury Cougar, the donor car. The engine from the donor car, usually a 302, is replaced approximately 30 inches towards the rear of the car. The drive shaft is shortened and the steering shaft is lengthened to accommodate the relocation of the engine and transmission. (Fuel injection engines and over-drive transmission are available as an option).

The entire brake system is checked and replaced where needed. The coil springs are changed to adjust to the lower amount of car body weight. The gas tank is straightened and replaced on the rear frame. The cooling system is removed and a new radiator and hoses are installed.

The fiberglass fenders are made in three parts and securely mounted to the sides the Body. All the chrome "extras" are then individually mounted creating the classic appearance and individuality of each car.

The Cabriolet comes complete with a title from the Commonwealth of Virginia and is titled a "1934 Gatsby Cabriolet".
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