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Produced: 1925-1926

"Here's an "Auto Album" rarity that few have heard of. It's virtually forgotten, even in its native land of England. But a most interesting little car attempted to revive a fad of the 1913-1916 era: the small, lightweight "cycle car" roadster, small and narrow, with wire wheels and large, thin cord tires.
Cycle cars were long out of fashion when the Gnome first appeared in 1925, but this one sported the new, wide, low-pressure "balloon" tires and eliminated the usual spring suspension, thus depending on big, soft tires to absorb road roughness and vibration. Front and rear bumpers weren't included, leaving the little car vulnerable at either end.

In 1926, the brand name was changed to Nomad, as "Gnome" had a rather weird fairy-tale connotation akin to "troll," "elf" or such.

This little roadster seemed too rudimentary to gain any popular appeal. No doubt few were sold. Unfortunately, much information about this car was lost through the following decades, and, reportedly, none were built after 1926.

Autocar magazine (British version) once published a small photo of this car, showing it without any visible headlights. Was it designed for daytime use only (improbable), or did it have a headlight concealed behind the fake radiator? Since it was air-cooled, an actual radiator was unnecessary. Another answer could be that headlights were installed after the Autocar magazine photo was taken.

A mysterious little antique! We wonder if at least one of these super-rarities is still around, somewhere in the world."

source: The Herald, Monterey County

Source: Motorbase
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