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Intermeccanica Italia


Produced: 1966-1970, 1000 produced. ((approx production figure))
Intermeccanica 1967 Front three quarter view

In the first three years, 45 cars were sold and ALL were coupes. 

The first 12 coupes were "Griffith 600's" sold to Jack Griffith who installed Chrysler/Plymouth Commando engines before going bankrupt.

Then Steve Wilder took delivery of 33 engineless Coupes to be sold as Omegas with Ford motors (installed by Holman & Moody).  Three of these had to be destroyed for Federal crash testing.

When Wilder threw in the towel, Frank Reisner's Intermeccanica took over total production and marketing - having all the American bits (motors, transmissions, axles, etc.) shipped to Italy for final assembly and full in-house testing before shipping completed cars back to the US for sale through Genser-Forman (the Triumph Importer). Only then did Reisner introduce the convertible version styled by Franco Scaglione. The convertible dramatically increased sales... So, after three years of working out the bugs on the early coupes, the convertibles (and a few more coupes) turned out to be relatively reliable cars.

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5766ccV8 0mm x 0mm0

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