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Jaguar E-type 3.8 litre Coupe


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Article Buyer Guide - Jaguar E-Type (1961-1974)
Publication Practical Classics June 2011
Buyer Guide - Jaguar E-Type (1961-1974) - It's over 50 years old this year...and this is how to go about buying one.
Article 50 years of the E-Type - "We knew it was good, but we didn't expect it to become a legend"
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2011
50 years of the E-Type - "We knew it was good, but we didn't expect it to become a legend" - To celebrate the Jaguara E-Type's 50th anniversary Matt Jones drives the original test route with Norman Dewis - the original test driver - in the 18th car off the line.
Article What lies beneath
Publication Classic Cars January 2011
What lies beneath - The E-Type would have been nothing without the D-type.  Here's how race-winning technology influenced the world's most celebrated sports cars.
Article Project guide - 1961-1975 - Jaguar E-Type
Publication Practical Classics October 2010
Project guide - 1961-1975 - Jaguar E-Type - A job for the restorer with skills and patience.
Article Buy your E-Type now
Publication Classic Cars September 2008
Buy your E-Type now- As values of its rivals rocket out of reach, Britain's sexiest sports car looks better value than ever.  Which one's for you?
Article She who dares, wins
Publication Classic Cars March 2008
She who dares, wins- When someone dared Debbi Edwards to do a classic rally in a aguar E-Type, they didn't realise how far she would take it.
Article Our Cars
Publication Classic Cars August 2006
Our Cars - 1958 Jaguar XK150-Graeme Hurst, 1961 Jaguar E-Type-Quentin Willson, 1975 NSEU Ro80-Glen Waddington, 1976 MGB GT-Eric Richardson, 1971 Saab 1995-Malcolm McKay.
Article The E-Type Files
Publication Classic Cars February 2006
The E-Type files - Part two - The seductive Jaguar E-Type offered race car perfomance and catwalk style to the man in the street.  In this in-depth look at the E-type.
Article 2005 Classic Car of the year
Publication Classic Cars June 2005
2005 Classic Car of the year  - Eight cars made it to the first ever Classic Car of the Year final, each with its own exceptional restoration story.  With four cars competing in the professional class and four in the amateur class, there would be two  winners.  Which would you choose? 1934 Austin Ten-Four Cabriolet, 1962, Jaguar E-type S1 3.8 fhc, 1959 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport, 1959 Lotus Seven Climax, 1963 Lotus Elite Super 95, 1923 Daimler D16 Sleeve-valve Landaulet, 1935 Citroen Traction Avant 11an Faux Cabriolet.
Article Buying Guide - Jaguar E-Type (1961-74)
Publication Classic Cars June 2002
Buying Guide - Jaguar E-Type (1961-74)
Article Type cast
Publication Practical Classics April 2002
Type cast - Jaguar's E-type started as a slinky guided missile and finished with middle-aged spread. Blame the Americans and creeping regulation, says John Simister.
Article Practical Classics March 2001 pg 126
Publication Practical Classics March 2001
Restoration Series 3 Jaguar E-Type V12. E for Encouragement. The last E-Type ever made is starting to look like a car again. Simon Goldsworthy watches the rebuild.
Article Objects of Desire
Publication Practical Classics January 2001
Objects of Desire -  No car has stirred more emotions that the E-Type Jaguar.  Still awestruck, Russ Smith tells its story.
Article Classic Cars February 2000 pg 90
Publication Classic Cars February 2000
First among Eagles. When the E-type V12 was launched, buyers expected a sports car, but got a grand tourer. Now Eagle E-types has produced a re-engineered, sporting V12.
Article Buyers Guide - Jaguar E-Type
Publication Practical Classics September 1999
Buyers Guide - Jaguar E-Type - Often called the most beautiful car ever built, but how pretty is it beneath the skin? Russ Smith takes notes as one is laid bare in front of him.
Article Beauty and beast
Publication Practical Classics May 1998
Beauty and beast - Ready to sharpen your E-type Jaguar's claws? Russ Smith sorts out the best tools to do the jobwith.
Article Road Test - Affordable E-Type
Publication Classic Car Mart July 2011
Road Test - Affordable E-Type - Can you go E-type motoring without spending a fortune? With top cars now in six figures, we look at a realistic way of getting into the E-type scene.
Article Buyer's Guide - British beauty
Publication Classic Car Mart September 2010
Buyer's Guide - British beauty - If you're serious about buying an E-type, do it now before prices rise for next year's birthday bash, says Chris Hope.
Article Buying Power - Jaguar E-Type (Six cylinder)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 24 December 2008
Buying Power - Jaguar E-Type (Six cylinder)- Original is often the best, and never more so  than the E-Type Jaguar.  With the classic XK unit up front and the most gorgeous looks, ADAM TAIT tells you why you need a six-pot E-Type in your life.
Article On the shoulders of giants
Publication Classics Monthly September 2008
On the shoulders of giants- Restorations are hard enough, without the pressure of working on one of the most famous cars in the world...
Article A promise kept - Jaguar E-Type restoration
Publication Classics Monthly August 2006
A promise kept - Jaguar E-Type restoration - First impressions can be so powerful that they last a lifetime.  For one E-type-crazy young lad, they were the start of a dream.
Article Buying power - E-Type
Publication Classic Car Weekly 23 February 2006
Buying power - E-Type - A legend in its own lifetime, RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the Jaguar that everybody wants, but few are brave or rich enough to actually get.  This may help you with the former.
Article Long live the E-Type
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast December 2005
Long live the E-Type - Nigel Thorley finally gets to see the end result of Ray Parrot's labours in building the ultimate E-type.  For previous articles on this car, please refer to the February and April 2005 issues of Jaguar Enthusiast.
Article Easy does it
Publication Octane September 2005
Easy does it - Can an early E-type still hack it as a Grand Tourer? Phil Llewellin took one of the very earliest - the first right-hand-drive coupé built - on the E-type Club's inaugural European tour to find out.
Article Buyers Guide - Jaguar E-Type
Publication Classics April 2005
Buyers Guide - Jaguar E-Type - Carlin Gerbich discovers the art of buying one of motoring’s most iconic cars.  E-Type Jaguars have their problems too so choose carefully.
Article Call of the Wild - Jag E-Type
Publication Classics June 2004
Call of the Wild - Jag E-Type - Tim Morgan drives Jaguar's finest sportster and tell you why you should too.
Article Road Test - Jaguar E-Type
Publication Classic Car Weekly 11th February 2004
Road Test - Jaguar E-Type - Six-cylinder cars built 1961-70.  Two-seater coupé, roadster or 2+2.  Front engined, rear-wheel-drive.
Article Classic & Sports Car November 2003 pg 160
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2003
Our Classics - Journalists offer views and updates on their cars
Article Cats' whispers
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2003
Cats' whispers - Alastair Clements compares the sonic delights of Jaguar's V12 in the XJ-S and S3 E-Type.
Article Jaguar Enthusiast January 2003 pg 40
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast January 2003
An E-stretch. Nigel Thorley checks out an unusual request for a modified E-type.
Article Jaguar Enthusiast January 2003 pg 26
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast January 2003
How safe are your frames? Graham and Fiona Heritage look into the implication of replacing the front frames on their E-type Series 1.
Article 40 years young
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2001
40 years young - The E-type will never be repeated: as the Jaguar reaches its ruby anniversary, Simon Taylor drives all the road cars.
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