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Article Buying guide - Jaguar Mk2 (1959-1967)
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2012
Buying guide - Jaguar Mk2 (1959-1967) - How to buy a good example of a great sporting saloon.
Article Let's take The Jag
Publication Classic Cars October 2009
Let's take The Jag - Cop car, robber's car, race car - the Jaguar Mk2's pacy reputation has kept a high profile for 50 years.  Read the truth behind the myths before blagging a hot motor.
Article Buying Guide - Jaguar Mk2
Publication Classic Cars July 2008
Buying Guide - Jaguar Mk2- The Jaguar Mk2 offered supercar performance and deft handling on its launch in 1959 - and today this compact saloon's appeal is stronger than ever.  From restrained to rip-snorting, here's how to select the one you want.
Article Reader's restored car - Jaguar Mk2
Publication Practical Classics March 2006
Reader's restored car - Tell anyone you're going to turn a wreck of a Jaguar Mk2 into a great everyday car and they'll tell you you're mad.  But that's what Brian Viney did, and he's not even slightly deranged.
Article Treat yourself to Power & Luxury
Publication Classic Cars December 2005
Treat yourself to Power & Luxury - Fast and sumptuous motoring takes many forms - just look at these five classics.  But they all have one thing in common: you could own one for a lot less than you might think.  Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari 400 GT, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, Jensen Interceptor, Jaguar MK2.
Article Restored Jaguar Mk2 - Custom cat
Publication Practical Classics December 2003
Restored Jaguar Mk2 - Custom cat - Andrew Chaddock's basket-case Mk2 resto went way beyond a simple rebuild.  Sid Bennett takes a look at a 21st century toy.
Article Buyers Guide - Jaguar MkII Family
Publication Practical Classics April 1999
Buyers Guide - Jaguar MkII Family - No room for the Labradors in the E-type? You need a Sixties Jaguar saloon, sir: Will Holman show how to avoid a real dog.
Article Buyer's Guide - Jaguar Mk2
Publication Classic Car Weekly 27 July 2011
Buyer's Guide - Jaguar Mk2 - The Mk2 offered supercar performance and sharp handling on debut in 1959.  MATT GEORGE explains how to bag a good one today.
Article Quick Buy - Jaguar Mk2
Publication Classics Monthly March 2011
Quick Buy - Jaguar Mk2 - Loved by racers, gentlemen, and gangsters alike, the Mk2 remains a superb classic.
Article Buyer's Guide - Jaguar Mk2 (1959-1967)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 15 September 2010
Buyer's Guide - Jaguar Mk2 (1959-1967) - The ultimate sporting saloon of its day, the Jaguar Mk2 offers much of the fun of an E-type at a fraction of the cost.  Prices are picking up, buy as RICHARD DREDGE explains, this is still a bargain classic.
Article Buying Guide - Jaguar MK2 (1959-1967)
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2010
Buying Guide - Jaguar MK2 (1959-1967) - Fantastic performance, mouth watering design and space for all the family - it doesn't get much better than a Jaguar Mk2.
Article Buyer's guide - Jaguar Mk2
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2010
Buyer's guide - Jaguar Mk2 - One of the most beautiful four-door saloons ever, with performance to match, the rakish Mk2 has always been a winner, argues Malcolm McKay.
Article Sunny delight
Publication Classics Monthly March 2009
Sunny delight- This flamboyant Mk2 has had a toltal restoration - and all so it can once again trade paint with other racing Jags...
Article Buying guide - Jaguar MK2 1959-1967
Publication Octane February 2009
Buying guide - Jaguar MK2 1959-1967- A doyen of the classic car scene, the Jaguar Mk2 is a very satisfactory buy-just as long as you buy wisely.
Article Side by side 24 meets 234
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast September 2008
Side by side 24 meets 234- Nigel Thorley comes across a rare car that competed with Jaguar's 2.4 litre saloon head on in the 1950s.
Article Buyers guide - Jaguar MK2
Publication Classics Monthly July 2008
Buyers guide - Jaguar MK2- Fast and stylish Jaguar's Mk2 was an instant classic that's just as desirable today.
Article Jaguar Mk2 vs Pontiac Tempest
Publication Classic Car Mart January 2007
Jaguar Mk2 vs Pontiac Tempest - Out-grown the sports car but not ready to settle for a family hack? You need  a nice practical car with a high-performance overload .  SImon Goldsworthy tests two very different interpretations of the compact sports saloon theme.
Article Daily express
Publication Octane November 2006
Daily express - Would you dare to use a 1960s Jaguar every day in one of Europe's busiest cities? Meet the man who traded the chance to drive a new BMW for the British classic.  Jaguar MK2
Article Morse code
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast November 2005
Morse code - Nigel Thorley meets up with one of the world's most famous Jaguars - the Inspector Morse Mark 2.
Article The Mark 1 - An Alternative Perspective
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast February 2005
The Mark 1 - An Alternative Perspective - Jaguar Mark 1 & 2 Saloons - Anniversary Year (50 years since launch).
Article Pacemaker - Jaguar Mk2
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2005
Pacemaker - Jaguar’s Mk2 set new standards of ’grace, space and pace’ for ’60s saloons, but can it compete on today’s roads? With a few tweaks, it can, says Martyn Buckley.
Article Magnificent Mark 2
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast January 2005
Magnificent Mark 2 - Nigel Thorley checks out a very low mileage Mark 2 with lots of interesting history.
Article Around The World in 80 Dismays Part 3
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast December 2004
Around The World in 80 Dismays Part 3 - Andrew Thompson finishes the story of his Mark 2 restoration.
Article Grace Pace & Space - Modifying Jaguar MKII
Publication Classics August 2004
Grace Pace & Space - Modifying Jaguar MKII - Is it possible to improve on a classic Jaguar? Several companies have tried.  Mike Renaut compares three MKIIs comprising very different DNA.
Article Marque Five Jaguar Saloons
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2004
Marque Five Jaguar Saloons - There have been some superb classic Jaguar saloons over the years; but which make the best buys today? Paul Guinness takes a look at five of them in the first of our new marque five series.,Jaguar Mk2, Jaguar S-Type, Jaguar Mk Ten, Jaguar SJ6, Jaguar XK40
Article Home Maintenance - A Jaguar Mark 2 Manual Choke Conversion
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast December 2003
Home Maintenance - A Jaguar Mark 2 Manual Choke Conversion.
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