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Jaguar XJ-S Family


Produced: 1975-1996, 115413 produced.
Types: Coupe,2 doors,4 seats
Jaguar XJS V12 (1978)

The Jaguar XJS had an impossible task from day one of its launch, it had to replace the E-type. The E-type had captured the publics imagination when it first appeared in 1961 and sold well throughout its distinguished career. Somehow the XJS failed to stir emotions in the same way as the E-type had managed, maybe this was a result of the BL build quality problems that had almost ruined Jaguar in the 1970's.

The XJS initially came only as a 2 door coupe with a fuel injected V12 that had powered the E-type, in the mid 80's a 3.6 straight six version arrived which proved to be more economical. From 1981 the V12 variant became the more full efficient HE and this saved the model from becoming another Fuel Crisis victim of the 70's.

The XJS continued in production until 1996 when the XJ8 appeared. Along the way the XJS had been facelifted and both "Targa" style Cabriolet and full Convertible versions were produced.

All Variants.(Coupe Cabriolet & Convertibles)   By Engine Size

Year          5.3                   3.6                     Others            All Eng Sizes

1975       1245                    0                       0                        1245
1976       3082                    0                       0                        3082
1977       3890                    0                       0                        3890
1978       3121                    0                       0                        3121
1979       2405                    0                       0                        2405
1980       1057                    0                       0                        1057
1981       1292                    0                       0                        1292
1982       3088                    18                     5                        3111
1983       4446                    131                   101                     4678
1984       5852                    451                   206                     6509
1985       6067                    782                   1102                   7951
1986       6641                    650                   1761                   9052
1987       6699                    1362                 1765                   9826
1988       5355                    2066                  2935                  10356
1989       4330                    1999                  4877                  11206
1990       3267                    1326                  4633                  9226
1991       1507                    1355                  1787                  4649
1992       553                      1175                  1866                  3594
1993       507                      1277                  3373                  5157
1994       242                      985                    5691                  6918
1995       239                      852                    4341                  5432
1996       19                        121                    1516                  1656

           64904                14550                    35959                 115413

Now widely accepted as a 'bona fide' classic car, Jaguar's XJ-S celebrated its thirty-third anniversary earlier this year (2008). Arguably the most complete grand tourer of its generation, the model's ride / handling balance remains impressive to this day. Fitted with nicely damped coil-sprung suspension, power-assisted rack and pinion steering and potent four-wheel disc brakes, elements of its design were bequeathed to both the Jaguar XK8 and Aston Martin DB7. Though, sadly neither inherited the legendary 5343cc V12 engine.  Rated at 295bhp and 320lbft of torque in its later guises, this superlative unit was mated to three-speed automatic transmission as standard. Reputedly capable of 150mph and 0-60mph in less than eight seconds, the first series XJ-S V12 cars matched strong performance to effortless refinement. A versatile design that combined lift-out targa panels with a folding rear hood, the XJ-SC (C for Cabriolet) proved rarer than the full Convertible that succeeded it.

Source: Bleasie


5343ccV12 OHCJaguar V1290mm x 70mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
153 mph6.7 s0 s13 mpg285 bhp 5500



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