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Article Strike quickly
Publication Classic Cars September 2010
Strike quickly - Jaguar's XK120,140 and 150 models are attracting more attention than ever, but prices start from £35k.  For now.
Article Buying guide - 1948-60 Jaguar XK
Publication Classic Cars June 2010
Buying guide - 1948-60 Jaguar XK - Jaguar's XK120, 140 and 150 form one of the most iconic British sports car ranges ever created.  Here's how to make sure you find an example worthy of that heritage.
Article Reader's restored car - Jaguar XK140
Publication Practical Classics July 2005
Readerís restored car - Norwegian reader Erik Juelsen didnít have the network of club and specialist support that we Brits have, but that didnít stop him making a great job of this XK140 though it took him 16 years.
Article Xtra strong & mint
Publication Classic Cars February 2003
Modernised Jaguar XK140 - Xtra strong & mint - Banker Richard Clarkes' Jaguar XK140 offers a combination of classic looks and modern engineering after a two-year £80;000 renovation.
Article Classic Cars September 2001 pg 76
Publication Classic Cars September 2001
Vicarage Jaguar XK120. How Jaguar's most stylish roadster has been made as good to drive as it looks.
Article Buyers Guide - Jaguar XK120-150
Publication Practical Classics December 2000
Buyers Guide - Jaguar XK120-150 - If an E-type is to obvious, then perhaps Sir should consider a Jaguar XK.  Mark Dixon explains why they are such a great choice.
Article Classic Cars January 2000 pg 86
Publication Classic Cars January 2000
Jaguar XK 120. 184 miles per hour. Jaguar's old speed record attempts in XK 120s are legendary. So much so that specialist Guy Broad decided to recreate the experience - but at even higher speeds.
Article Buyer's Guide - Jaguar XK140
Publication Classic Car Weekly 24 August 2011
Buyer's Guide - Jaguar XK140 - With a glorious XK engine snorting away up front, the XK140 was the darling of the 1950s jet set.  MATT GEORGE looks into grabbing a good one.
Article Buying Power - Jaguar XK120/140
Publication Classic Car Weekly 6 September 2007
Buying Power - Jaguar XK120/140 - One of the most dramatic of postwar sportscars, and arguably one of the most beautiful, the XK120 caused jaws to drop around the world in the postwar malaise.  The XK140 contained many improvements and either will make a fine classic that will stand up to regular use and run heads.  IAN SEABROOK tells you how to get your hands on your own slice of Big Cat heaven with expert advice from Jeremy Broad of Guy Broad Parts.
Article Octane cars
Publication Octane May 2007
Octane cars - 1969 Triumph Herald & Vitesse-Malcolm McKay.  1964 Fiat, 2300S Coupe-Mark Dixon.  1989 Maserati Biturbo-Geoff Love.  1955 Jaguar XK140SE-Robert Coucher.  2006 Triumph Scrambler-David Lillywhite.
Article Octane cars
Publication Octane April 2007
Octane cars - 1972 Saab 96, Aston Martin DB9-David Lillywhite.  1937 Studebaker Coupe-Delwyn Mallett.  1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC SE-Robert Coucher.  1971 Lancia Fulvia HF-John Simister.  1920 Calthorpe Tourer-Mark Dixon
Article Pleasure rides
Publication Octane February 2007
Pleasure rides - So you fancy an attractive classic to use on a regular basis? These sleeper Jaguars - Series 2 E-Type and XK140 - are the lesser-appreciated iterations of supposedly more desirable models.  Both offer greater driving pleasure.
Article An extended XK restoration
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast June 2006
An extended XK restoration - The last time I reported on my XK 140 restoration was way back in February 2003 which ended with the car coming back from the paint shop and I had lifted the body off the chassis again - hopefully for the last time.
Article Mr & Mrs XK
Publication Classics Monthly May 2006
Mr & Mrs XK - Once the classic bug has bitten there's not turning back.  Not content with just an E-type, newcomers Ray and Petrina were seduced by XKs too.  Paul Bussey wonders if it's time they sold the kids.
Article Buying Power - Jaguar XK120/XK140
Publication Classic Car Weekly 14 April 2005
Buying Power - Jaguar XK120/XK140 - Jaguarís line of XK sportscars began almost by accident, but became the archetypal British sportscar.  A generation of well-heeled enthusiasts fell in love with its grace and pace.  Over 50 years on, the love affair shows no sign of fading.  SIMON GOLDSWORTHY checks out how to buy into it without the heartache.
Article Cats' whispers
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2003
Cats' whispers - Alastair Clements compares the sonic delights of Jaguar's V12 in the XJ-S and S3 E-Type.
Article Jaguar Enthusiast March 2003 pg 14
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast March 2003
XK Extraordinaire! Story by Keith Vincent.
Article Jaguar Enthusiast February 2003 pg 46
Publication Jaguar Enthusiast February 2003
Jaguar's New Flagship X-350. Out went the old XJ8 in 2002 and in, for 2003 comes the new XJ8 and XJ6. Now we can reveal all the details of these fine new Jaguars.
Article Classics February 2002 pg 86
Publication Classics February 2002
Jaguar XJ-S V12. With a smooth, powerful and complex V12 motor under the bonnet, is the XJ-S a difficult car to look after? Kim Henson advises.
Article Classic & Sports Car January 2002 pg 82
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2002
Jaguar Saloons - Luxury and power: playing the regeneration game from MK2 to XJ6.
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