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Jensen Interceptor


Produced: 1988-1993
Types: Sports,2 doors,4 seats(Coupe)
Convertible,2 doors,4 seats
Jensen Interceptor
A reprise for Jensen occurred in 1983, when Ian Orford, who had joined Jensens in 1968, bought Jensen Parts & Service. Orford's first act was to put the Interceptor, now designated Series 4, back into production as a coupé and convertible.  This used the Chrysler 5910cc engine.  Renamed Jensen Cars Ltd, the new company struggled along until 1988, only producing 11 cars.  Orford sold out to Unicorn Holdings of Stockport and new chairman Hugh Wainwright commissioned designs for a new Series 5.  The Series 5 was stillborn, but a few more Series 4s were built, the last in 1992.
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The Interceptor was briefly re-introduced in the 1980s as the Series 4 (S4), as a low-volume 'specialist' motor car in much the same way Bristol continue to market and manufacture their cars. Though the body remained essentially the same, a newer, so called 'cleaner', engine was used and the interior slightly re-designed with the addition of 'sports' front seats as opposed to the armchair style of the earlier models.

It wasn't to be, however. The then owner sold up in 1988 to an engineering company believed to be in a stronger position to manufacture the car, and they did commence development work on a series 5 (S5) Interceptor which lasted until 1993, until once again receivers were called in. The end of "Gentleman's Express".

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5900ccV8 OHVChrysler V8 OHV102mm x 91mm0

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