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Jensen Interceptor SP

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Article Join the Jensen set
Publication Classic Cars July 2011
Join the Jensen set - Once a credible rival to Aston Martrin and Alvis, Jensen's big GT's currently look undervalued.  It's time to make your move.
Article Project Guide - Jensen Interceptor - 1966-1976
Publication Practical Classics April 2011
Project Guide - Jensen Interceptor - 1966-1976 - Values are rising....time to buy a project?
Article The Second Coming - Jensen Interceptor S
Publication Classic Cars March 2008
The Second Coming - Jensen Interceptor S- Jensen specialist V Eight's own Interceptor S is no ordinary Jensen Interceptor: It's economical, reliable aesthetically poised, seriously fast and agile - as Classic Cars is the first to discover.
Article Treat yourself to Power & Luxury
Publication Classic Cars December 2005
Treat yourself to Power & Luxury - Fast and sumptuous motoring takes many forms - just look at these five classics.  But they all have one thing in common: you could own one for a lot less than you might think.  Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari 400 GT, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, Jensen Interceptor, Jaguar MK2.
Article Buying Guide - Jensen Interceptor 1966-1976
Publication Classic Cars June 2004
Buying Guide - Jensen Interceptor 1966-1976 - If you're dreaming of glorious V8 performance, Italian styling and rugged mechanicals in a luxurious practical package, look no further.
Article Mountain high
Publication Classics Monthly April 2011
Mountain high - We discover you don't need a small sportscar to enjoy some of Wales' most testing roads.  Jensen Interceptor.
Article Buyer's Guide - Jensen Interceptor
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2011
Buyer's Guide - Jensen Interceptor - This fine blend of British, US and Italian engineering can be a bargain GT, as Malcolm McKay explains.
Article "Everybody said it's never work"
Publication Classics Monthy March 2010
"Everybody said it's never work" - Want a Jensen Interceptor but not the ruinous fuel bill? So did Steve Payne
Article Beef stakes
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2007
Beef stakes - Which is the best bespoke '60s GT: pedigree Brit or an Anglo-American hybird?  Russ Smith feasts on Aston Martin, Gordon-Keeble and Jensen.
Article Buyers guide - Jensen Interceptor
Publication Classics Monthly February 2007
Buyers guide - Jensen Interceptor.
Article Buying power - Jensen Interceptor
Publication Classic Car Weekly 7 December 2006
Buying power - Jensen Interceptor - Rather big, a little brash, but very exclusive, the Jensen Interceptor is a lot of handbuilt classic for a competitive amount of money these days.  However, it's important to choose wisely, says RICHARD GUNN.
Article Road Test - Jensen Interceptor
Publication Classic Car Weekly 15 September 2004
Road Test - Jensen Interceptor - Built 1966-76, four-seater, two-door coupé and convertible, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive, V8 engine.
Article Classics April 2003 pg 38
Publication Classics April 2003
Daimler XJ6C vs Jensen Interceptor. Big engines, lots of toys, classy coupè looks and fuel bills to make grown men cry. Peter Knivett compares them.
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