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Lancia Flaminia GT


Produced: 1958-1967, 1718 produced.
Types: Coupe,2 doors,2 seats
Lancia Flaminia GT (1964)

Another famous car from the marque was the Flaminia which was launched with a 2,458 cc V-6 engine from the start that produced power of 140 bhp.  The Flaminia was specially developed as a six-seater for wealthy persons.  The Flaminia was one of the most expensive Italia cars and was therefore much favoured by politicians and film stars.  The Pope was driven in a Flaminia.  The coupe version was even more expensive but sold well in spite of its high price. 

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2458ccV6 OHVLancia V6 OHV80mm x 82mm
2775ccV6 OHVLancia V6 OHV85mm x 82mm

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