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Article Buying Guide - 1967-74 - Lotus Elan Plus 2
Publication Classic Cars June 2011
Buying Guide - 1967-74 - Lotus Elan Plus 2 - Designed as a family-friendly alternative to the Elan roadster, the Plus 2 is a stunning and usable classic - but prices look set to rise.
Article Buyer - Lotus Elan (1962-1973)
Publication Practical Classics November 2005
Buyer - Fall in love with a Lotus Elan - Buy wisely and motoring nirvana will be yours.  Make a bad call and you could end up in a money pit.
Article Buying Guide - 1963-1974 Lotus Elan
Publication Classic Cars March 2005
Buying Guide - 1963-1974 Lotus Elan - Itís 41 years since Lotus introduced the legendary Elan and few cars have since matched its driving appeal.  Your quest for motoring nirvana starts here.
Article Classic Cars December 2001 pg 64
Publication Classic Cars December 2001
Giant Lotus handling test. Lotus has always made an art form out of building fine-handling cars. We put the best to the ultimate track test.
Article Side by Side. Classics with modern engines
Publication Practical Classics August 2001
Side by Side. Classics with modern engines. Heart Transplant. Does a modern engine improve a classic, or simply destroy its character? With a diverse selection, David Lillywhite finds out.  Lotus Elan Plus 2, Land Rover Series IIA, Escort MKI, MGA, Minor.
Article Classic Cars February 2000 pg 140
Publication Classic Cars February 2000
Buying Guide. Lotus Elan. Same name, different animal. The late-Eighties Elan, with front-wheel drive and Japanese engine, was a break from the past that eventually appeased the most fervent Lotusphiles. Invest now in its peerless speed, handling and reliability.
Article Buyers Guide - Lotus Elan
Publication Practical Classics December 1998
Buyers Guide - Lotus Elan - Mark Dixon gets some expert advice on why all Elans are good, but some are better value than others.
Article Class of 62
Publication Octane April 2012
Class of 62 - It's 50 years since the launch of the Selby Cobra, MGB, Lotus Elan and Ferrari 250GTO.  Happy birthday, legends all.
Article Buyer's Guide - Lotus Elan
Publication Classic Car Weekly 15 February 2012
Buyer's Guide - Lotus Elan - The original '60s Elan still has the power to thrill, says JAMES TAYLOR.
Article Buying Power - Lotus Elan
Publication Classic Car Weekly 23 November 2006
Buying Power - Lotus Elan - Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious? Forget the dodgy play on words and boring old jokes, it doesn't have to be that way.  JAMES PEENE takes a look at the Elan and tells you all you need to know to find a good one and avoid the duds.
Article Classic & Sports Car November 2003 pg 160
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2003
Our Classics - Journalists offer views and updates on their cars
Article Classic & Sports Car April 2003 pg 99
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2003
10 Great £10k Sports Cars. What we'd buy with the money - and what top motor people would take home as personal choices. Lotus Elan SE.
Article Classics October 2002 pg 30
Publication Classics October 2002
Kings of the Twins. Alfa Romeo's 2000GTV and Lotus' Elan Sprint are powered by two of the all time great twin-cam engines. Peter Knivett compares them.
Article Torque and cheese
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2002
Torque and cheese - Lotus vs Lotus - Julian Balme tries the Lotus reposition, replacing the Elan + 2S witht the radical, F1-inspired Elite.
Article Classic & Sports Car November 2001 pg 114
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2001
Dash of Elan. Long heralded as the lightweight champion, will a tough field show the Lotus is donning the emperor's latest togs?
Article Classic & Sports Car June 2001 pg 122
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2001
Sports Car Bonanza - Coming classics head-to-head in essential group test: Barchetta, Elan, MGF, MX-5 and S2. We pick a sub-£10k winner.
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