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Lotus Elise (Series II)

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Article The essence of Lotus
Publication Classic Cars March 2010
The essence of Lotus - Lotus made its name by breeding into its cars a surreal blend of handling, feel and supple ride.  We test six definitive models to discover which one distils the magic best.  1960 Lotus Seven Series 1, 1961 Lotus Elite, 1971 Lotus Elan Sprint, 1969 Lotus Europa Series 2, 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo, 2000 Lotus Elise Sport 160.
Article Buy a Lotus Elise
Publication Classic Cars May 2006
Go on, treat yourself to a Series I Elise - they're priced lower than ever, and driving the finest sports car of modern times will infect your life with excitement.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - Lotus Elise
Publication Classic Car Weekly 25 May 2011
Buyer's Guide Express - Lotus Elise - If ever a car adhered strictly to Colin Chapman's 'simplify, then add lightness' maxim, the the Lotus Elise is definitely it.  MIKE LE CAPLAIN considers buying one as a classic proposition today.
Article Buying Power - Lotus Elise S1
Publication Classic Car Weekly 19 May 2010
Buying Power - Lotus Elise S1 - High on thrills, and low on weight, the S1 Elise evokes the true spirit of Lotus.  MATT GEORGE urges you to buy one now.
Article Buying Power - Lotus Elise/Exige
Publication Classic Car Weekly 23 October 2008
Buying Power - Lotus Elise/Exige- It's all fibreglass and aluminium this week as Adam Tait delves into buying an Elise.  Don't worry, even though it's mildly modern, it still oozes with Colin Chapman philisophy.
Article Buying Power - Lotus Elise Series 1
Publication Classic Car Weekly 13 July 2006
Buying Power - Lotus Elise Series 1 - The original Elise was a fast and frantic small sportcar harkening back to Lotus'fun and fancy free days of the Sixties.  RICHARD GUNN delves into what's involed in buying one of these true driver's cars.
Article Six of the best..Lotus Classics
Publication Classic Car Mart July 2006
Six of the best..Lotus Classics - Every month, this special series brings you the most diverse and fascinating groups of vehicles we can conjure up.  Paul Guinness is your trusty guide.  Lotus Esprit S1, S2 & S3, Lotus Elite, Lotus Eclat, Lotus Elan, Lotus Elise, Lotus Carlton.
Article Elixir of Life
Publication Classic & Sports Car August 2002
Elixir of Life -  With the Elise, Hethel revived what Lotus was best at and ditched its dubious reputation. James Elliott tracks the story of the best-selling car in the company's history.
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