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Mercedes-Benz 220S/SE Coupe


Produced: 1961-1965
Types: Coupe,2 doors,4 seats
Mercedes-Benz 220S/SE Coupe

Mercedes unveiled its new six cylinder 220 models in 1959 introducing the second generation of saloons and coupes to use the 220 model designation. Like the previous 220 the new cars had a 2195cc six cylinder engine with choice of either S or SE specifications. The more expensive SE Coupe and Cabriolet models featured fuel injection and 1962 disc brakes.

The 220 Coupe shared its two door body with the convertible Cabriolet. The elegant roof line featured a large "wrap-round" rear screen and pillar-less doors. Unlike the smaller engined "Fintail" models the 220 came with "stacked" headlamps either side of the traditional Mercedes grille. Production continued until 1965.


2195ccS6 OHCMercedes S6

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