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Produced: 1960-1960, 116331 produced.
Types: Sedan,2 doors
Sedan,4 doors
Station Wagon
Mercury Comet Sedan Svl Carnut Mmod  (1960)

Lincoln/Mercury dealers got a new "small" car called Comet on 17 March 1960.  The interest in the car was staggering.  That first year 116,331 of them were sold.  In European terms the 195 in (4,950 mm) car was not small.  The Comet was still 500 mm (19 3/4 in) longer than a Mercedes-Benz 180. The car was the first Mercury with a monocoque body.  Under its hood or bonnet was a 2,364 cc six-cylinder unit of 91 bhp. The car reached 84 mph (135 kph).  It was available as a two or four door sedan and as a station wagon.


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2364cc6 0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
84 mph0 s0 mpg91 bhp 0
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