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Article Buying guide - MGA 1955-1962
Publication Practical Classics December 2012
Buying guide - MGA 1955-1962 - How to choose a great example of MG's glorious roadster and coupe series cars.
Article Icon on test - Living with an MGA Roadster
Publication Practical Classics July 2011
Icon on test - Living with an MGA Roadster - Ross Alkureishi gets to know MG's finest drop-top.
Article Modified MGAs
Publication Practical Classics April 2005
Modified MGAs - The MGA is one of Britain’s favourite sports cars - so good, you just can’t resist the urge to make it better.  Dale Drinnon reports.
Article Me and My Classic - MGA Coupé
Publication Classic Cars April 2004
Me and My Classic - MGA Coupé - Brian Moylan spent years under to bonnets of MGA's but he had to wait for retirement to find time for one of his own.
Article Buying guide - MGA (1955-1962)
Publication Classic Cars September 2003
Buying guide - MGA (1955-1962) - The most beautiful MG ever? Most think it is and if you buy a good one - with the help of this guide - it can be one of the most reliable and enjoyable MGs to drive, too.
Article Buyers Guide - MGA
Publication Practical Classics June 2001
Buyers Guide - MGA - The first 100mph MG is a ton of fun but buy the wrong one and you will be in for a ton of grief, says Theodore J Gillam
Article Classic Cars Spring 2001 pg 126
Publication Classic Cars Spring 2001
Cloth Cap - A new race series for unusual sports cars. We try four at Donnington - MGA Monza.
Article Buyers Guide - MGA Stylish and nimble
Publication Practical Classics July 1995
Buyers Guide - MGA Stylish and nimble - Is the MGA a practical classics for regular use in the 1990s? Rugged mechanics and good spares availability make an attractive proposition, explains Brian Cox.
Article Top of the class - MGA 1955-1962
Publication Classic Car Mart September 2008
Top of the class - MGA 1955-1962- Great looks, lively performance - it's no wonder the MGA always scores highly.
Article Twin Test - MG TF vs MGA
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2007
Twin Test - MG TF vs MGA - If you want to step out of a B and move back along the BG time line, is the MGA too close or the MG TF a step too far?
Article Buying Power - MGA
Publication Classic Car Weekly 2 February 2006
Buying Power - MGA - The first 'modern' MG sportscar was the MGA of 1955, arguably the best-looking model that Abingdon ever produced.  RICHARD GUNN looks at buying the car that made MG serious.
Article MGA - 50th Anniversary
Publication The Automobile April 2005
MGA - 50th Anniversary - On its 50th anniversary, Jonathan Wood explores the background and history of the MGA, the most popular sports car in the world.
Article Road Test - MGA
Publication Classic Car Weekly 21st January 2004
Road Test - MGA - Built 1955 to 1962.  Roadster/coupé, two-seater, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car.
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