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Article Intelligent Minis
Publication Classic Cars August 2005
Cheeky, Compact, Cute, Clever, Cheap! - In the early Sixties, manufacturers came up with different ways of feeding an affluent new market with useful, affordable cars.  The BMC Mini, Triumph Herald, Ford Anglia and Hillman Imp offered the cleverest solutions.
Article Buyers Ownership Guide - Mini
Publication Practical Classics December 2004
Buyers Ownership Guide - Mini - Everything you need to know about when to service, where to buy parts and how much it will cost.
Article Technical Advice - Is Your Classic Cleaner Than A Modern Car?
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2004
Technical Advice - Is Your Classic Cleaner Than A Modern Car? - Andrew Bannister puts a modern Mini One up against the original Mini to compare like with like.† How do they damage our atmosphere, and which one creates the most pollutants?
Article Buyers Guide - Mini 1959-2000
Publication Practical Classics December 2001
Buyers Guide - Mini 1959-2000 - With the Mini name still making headlines, there's never been a better time to buy the original classless classic.
Article Buying Guide - Mini 1959-80
Publication Classic Cars November 2000
Buying Guide - Mini 1959-80 - Cute and compact, the Mini made small cars trendy in a way never before seen, while the Cooper S astonished the motor sport world with outright wins.  The end of production can only enhance its fashion icon status.
Article Buyer's Guide - Mini (1959-2000) - Minor Miracle
Publication Classic Car Mart August 2011
Buyer's Guide - Mini (1959-2000) - Minor Miracle - The original Mini has yet to be bettered as an all-purpose pocket rocket.  Here's how to buy the right one.
Article Classic to restore
Publication Classic Car Mart March 2011
Classic to restore - It's at this time of the year that many of us consider our next project.  But which classics make the best choices right now? Paul Guinness chooses six of his most recommended classic to restore.  Morris Minor, MGB & MGB GT, Classic Mini, Ford Anglia 105E, Triumph TR5, Austin-Healey Sprite.
Article God is in the details...
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2009
God is in the details...and that's why Minis were such divinely successful rally winners, explains Jon Pressnell after meeting the men who built these famous ex-works car.
Article Our Classics
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2006
Our classics - Suzuki SC100. Tatra 603, Lea-Francis 14HP, Morris Mini MkII Super Deluxe, Rover P5B Coupé, Jaguar E-type 4.2,  MG Midget.
Article What's The Worst That Can Happen When Tempted By A Classic Mini?
Publication Classic Car Mart April 2006
What's the worst that can happen when tempted by a Classic Mini? - The latest BMW-owned MINI might be doing very well for itself, but the original all-British product is still one of the best buys on today's classic market.  Is buying and owning a Mini really all plain sailing though, asks Paul Guinness?
Article Designs On A Mini
Publication Classic Car Mart December 2005
Designs on a Mini - It's a tale of achievement, a tale of triumph over adversity, of ambition realised.  And it's Michelle Wilson's tale of her very own Mini, a classic...
Article Shootout - Mini vs Imp
Publication Classic Car Weekly 23 June 2005
Shootout - Mini vs Imp. 1962 Morris Mini Minor, 1963 Hillman Imp de Luxe
Article Buying Power - Mini 1959-1980
Publication Classic Car Weekly 12 May 2005
Buying Power - Mini 1959-1980 - The still omnipresent  Mini needs no instead, letís just get on with RICHARD GUNNís guide to finding one where the emphasis is more on running than rusting.  They do that a lot!
Article Marigold's still blooming - Mini Cooper S
Publication Classics July 2004
Marigoldís still blooming - Mini Cooper S - John Whiteís no stranger to motorsport circles in the South East.  Paul Bussey met up with him to talk about one of the most famous Minis in the UK.
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