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Morgan Plus Four (Vanguard engine)


Produced: 1950-1958, 799 produced.
Types: Sports,2 doors,2 seats
Sports,2 doors,4 seats
Drophead Coupe,2 doors,4 seats
Morgan Plus Four (Vanguard engine)

Morgan introduced its new Plus Four model in 1950 to effectively replace the 4/4 model. The Plus Four used a tuned Standard Vanguard engine which was well regarded at the time and developed a healthy 68bhp. The Plus Four now included hydraulic brakes as standard and used a hypoid rear axle unit.

Body styles were the same as used before on previous 4/4 models and were available in 2 and 4 seater roadster styles or as a pretty 2 seater drophead coupe.

Further information submitted:

For the 1954 and 1955 model years Morgan offered a Four-seater Drophead Coupe, a rare model which is unofficially known as the "SnobMog".

Source: Motorbase


2088ccS4 OHVStandard/Triumph Vanguard S4 OHV85mm x 92mm6.7


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
85 mph17.9 s0 s26 mpg68 bhp 4200




WheelbaseFront TrackRear TrackLengthWidthWeight (CWT)Turning Circle
8' 0"3' 11"3' 11"11' 8"4' 8" 0 (0)0' 0"

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