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Morris Marina 1.3/1.8

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Article Group Test - Executive decisions
Publication Practical Classics December 2010
Group Test - Executive decisions - Four cars, four steps on the rep ladder.  Some 37 years on, which one has reached the top of the corporate tree?  1972 Hillman Avenger 1250 Super, Morris Marina SDL, Ford Cortina MKIII 1600L, Vauxhall Victor FE 1800 ES.
Article Ultimate Winter Adventure
Publication Practical Classics January 2004
Minus 15 in a Marina.  It hasn't run for 10 years so Danny takes it to Norway
Article Buyers guide - Morris Marina (1971 - 1984)
Publication Practical Classics January 2002
Buyers Guide. Morris Marina 1971 - 1984. Omnipresent in the automotive Room 101, does the Marina really deserve its lowest of the low status? Or is it now a top value entry into the classic world?
Article Friend or foe?
Publication Practical Classics December 2001
Friend or foe? - Stock car racers might sometimes be frowned upon by classic car people, but David Lillywhite found one who's recreating history with his authentic Morris 8 stock car.
Article A really useful engine
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2001
A really useful engine - BMC's A-series engine was built for almost 50 years.  Wil Holman tries nine cars powered by it.  Austin A30, Morris Minor,Mini, Austin A40, Vanden Plas Princess 1300, Rochdale Olympic, Morris Marina, Austin Allegro, MG Midget.
Article Buyer's Guide - Morris Marina
Publication Classic Car Weekly 13 April 2011
Buyer's Guide - Morris Marina - Does the Marina really deserve the flak it receives? MATT GEORGE checks out BL's underdog.
Article The secret history of the Morris Marina
Publication Classic Car Mart April 2010
The secret history of the Morris Marina - Despite its hasty development and troubled birth, the crucial new Marina went on to be a strong seller for British Leyland.  Paul Guinness takes a loot at how it al began.
Article Buyer's Guide Morris Marina/Ital
Publication Classic Car Weekly 3 September 2009
Buyer's Guide Morris Marina/Ital - A must-forget disaster fit only for destruction on TV, or a misunderstood and very brave effort to take on the American giants? IAN SEABROOK thoroughly investigates the much-slated British Leyland Coritna rivals.
Article Timewarp classics: No 41 - 1971: Morris Marina
Publication Classic Car Weekly 7 December 2006
Timewarp classics: No 41 - 1971: Morris Marina - It has become popular in recent years to knock the Morris Marina for being a perennial underdog in the classic car scene.  KEITH ADAMS explains that it was actually built for a purpose and met all of its was it really such a bad car?
Article Six Of The Best BL favourites
Publication Classic Car Mart April 2006
Six of the best BL favourites - Every month, this special series brings you the most diverse and fascinating groups of vehicles we can conjure up.  Paul Guinness is your trusty guide.
Article Buying power - Morris Marina/Ital
Publication Classic Car Weekly 15 December 2006
Buying power - Morris Marina/Ital - Between them, the Morris Marina and the Ital sold over a million cars, but only a fraction of those now survive. Reason enough for saving one of these characterful BL underdogs, reckons RICHARD GUNN.  Well, that and how cheap they are too.
Article Marque Five - Leyland Legends!
Publication Classic Car Mart January 2005
Marque Five - Leyland Legends! - The much-derided British Leyland set-up of the Seventies produced some controversial machines.  Paul Guinness profiles five of the most famous.
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