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OM Tipo 469


Produced: 1922-1934

Produced from 1922 until 1934, the 469 (4 cylinder 69mm stroke) was the longest lived production OM. The engine was again a further development of the original 465 unit, now displacing 1496cc and producing 30bhp @ 3,000rpm. The transmission adopted four gears, whilst the single wheelbase became 2800mm. The track also increased slightly.

The standard model at the beginning was the 469N, at the same time was built the 469S which featured brakes also on the front wheels. Both these models were replaced in 1923 by the 469S2 which featured a further increased track. This continued in production until 1930, when the 469S4 was introduced. This latter used a 1622cc engine (both bore and stroke were increased) and production ran until 1934 when the 469 ceased to be made. From 1932 it featured a further increased track.

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