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OM Tipo 665 Superba


Produced: 1923-1932
Probably the most famous OM, the 665 or 'Superba' was built in various versions from 1923 until 1932. Introduced in 1923 were two versions, the 665N and 665S. The main difference was the wheelbase, the 'N' being longer, at 3100mm, the 'S' having only 2800mm. Both cars used a four speed gearbox and a new six-cylinder 1991cc sidevalve engine, with 40bhp @ 3,600rpm in the 'N'. In 1927 both versions received a wider track just before they ceased production. 1928 saw the 665 N3 entering production, essentially an improved 'N', replaced the following year by the 665 N5. 1928 also saw the 665 SMM entering production with a new 2790mm wheelbase. The N5 also used the shorter 2790mm wheelbase and a narrow track with the same 1991cc engine.

1930 witnessed the introduction of a new 2200cc engine with 55bhp @ 4,000rpm into both the 665 N5 and the SMM. The N5 also received a wider track. During 1930 and 1931 there were also built a small number of 665 SS MM Superba Compressore which had the 2200cc engine plus a supercharger.

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