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Otosan Anadol


Produced: 1966-1986
Otosan Anadol

Originally known as the Reliant FW5,the Ogle-styled 5-seater fibreglass saloon was powered by a 1198cc Ford Anglia Super engine, and had front disc brakes.  The prototype was driven to Istanbul in December 1965, and was named Anadol after a national competition. 

The first Otosan-built car was completed on 7 December 1966, and by November 1970 10,000 has been made, with annual production reaching 5000, close to the factory capacity of 6000.  A Ford 1300cc engine was standardised in 1969, and a 1600cc engine was added to the range in 1974, as was a 2-door coupé and, later, a station wagon.  However, production declined as Anadol was replaced on the production lines by the Otosan Ford Taunus 1.6, which used the body of the 1982 Cortina with a 1.6-litre Ford engine.

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