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Plymouth Valiant


Produced: 1960-1976 (Unknown)
Types: Convertible
Plymouth Valiant Grille  (1966)
Plymouth had its "compact" just as Ford and Chevrolet did.  These cars were intended to stem the tremendous tide of imported cars.  The Valiant was at first only available with a 2,789 cc six-cylinder engine but had a V-8 also from 1964.  There was room for the entire family in a "small" Valiant.  The car was 188in (4,780 mm) long in 1964.  The Valiant could also be bought as a convertible from 1964.  The "small" Plymouth sold 251,504 in its first year compared with 607,956 Ford Falcons and 338,687 Chevrolet Corsairs.
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2789cc6 0mm x 0mm0
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