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Pontiac Firebird


Produced: 1967-1967, 82560 produced.
Pontiac Firebird
In 1967, Chevrolet introduced the Camaro.  Pontiac followed with the Firebird.  Both cars had the same body but differed from each other in the details.  Customers here too could select a motor from a choice.  For those who wanted it, the Firebird was available with a six-cylinder 3,769 cc power unit of 167 bhp output; two at 5.3 litres with output of 250 or 285, and a 6.6 litre for power of 325 bhp.  The faster Firebirds proved to be quite dangerous. 
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3769cc6 0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
0 mph0 s0 mpg167 bhp 0

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